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Security Services

The University of Pennsylvania contracts with Allied Universal Security Services to provide comprehensive guard services for the University of Pennsylvania and the University City District.


Office: 215-573-6670
Emergency: 215.573.3333 / 511
Email Security Services

Photo of Josh Forman, short goatee and mustache, having no hair on his head, wearing a blue suit jacket, white shirt, and red tie.

Josh Forman, MBA

Director of Security Services

Director of Security Services Josh Forman comes to DPS after most recently serving for the past 2 years as Director of Hospitality Safety, Security and Communications at a major retailer, successfully leading all aspects of safety, security and communications operations for all of their hospitality and leisure businesses across the U.S and Canada.

Security Services by the Numbers.

Walking Escorts Annually
Security Officers
Call for lockouts & Services
Jumpstarts Annually
a student uses a Blue Light phone, and is greeted by a security officer wearing a bright yellow shirt.

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Two Penn students walking on Locust Walk with a security officer who is holding her bike.

24/7 Walking Escort Service

Uniformed Allied Universal Public Safety Officers provide free walking escorts to everyone, regardless of affiliation, to any destination within our patrol zone. Officers are dispatched by radio and will accompany you to your destination, including from one campus location to another, to your parked vehicle, to a Penn Transit Stop or to an on-campus SEPTA regional transit stop.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, between 30th to 43rd Streets and Market Street to Baltimore Avenue.

Escort services also extend west to 50th Street, and north/south from Spring Garden to Woodland Avenue, between 10 a.m. and 3 a.m. via the University’s partnership with the University District Ambassador Program.

How to Request a Walking Escort

  • Ask any Public Safety Officer on patrol or inside a building
  • Call 215-898-WALK(9255) or 511 (from campus phone)
  • Use one of the many building and blue-light ephones located on and off Penn’s campus.
A security officer in a gray pullover sweater stands behind the desk at the President's Guest House. There are bright reflective pieces of artwork hanging on the wall behind him.

Lockout & Jumpstart Services

Security Services offers free 24/7 lockout & jump-start services to anyone on Penn’s campus. Simply call 215-573-3333 (511 from campus phone) and a Public Safety Officer will be dispatched to your location.

Security Officer wearing a black uniform sweater and badge sitting in the entrance to DuBois College House, smiling

College House Security

Trained Public Safety security officers are stationed within all College Houses, providing a physical security presence for students, staff, and visitors.

The physical security presence is complemented by state-of-the-art electronic access control, strategically-positioned CCTV cameras and lighting.

A valid PennCard is required for entry into residential areas. Once the PennCard holder has swiped into the electronic turnstile, a PennCard Access Code (PAC), unique to each holder, must be entered in order to be permitted access.

For more on residential & guest access, visit Penn’s Residential Services website:

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“I feel so much safer on campus since we met. Thank You!”
Penn Community Member